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    All of Jo's work is original, creative, & tailored to fit you + your needs. Your brand will shine through content that's genuine & relevant for your audience.

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    On top of elevating your brand + company, working with Jo will also provide you with another platform to advertise your product(s)/service(s).

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    It's more than just written content—visuals matter too. Jo provides various packages and prices to meet your needs at a rate right for you.

  • Testimonials

    J. Brambila's testimonial for Jo Nguyen Consulting

    V. Contin

    "I know Jo Nguyen to be a smart, knowledgeable HR Professional. Jo is a great listener. She has so many great gold nuggets to share. She elicited information from me and she listened and took my views and wants into account. She was so easy to talk to and work with."

    L. Van Zuidam's testimonial for Jo Nguyen Consulting

    L. Van Zuidam

    "I loved working with her and would definitely work with her again and refer others to work with her as well. She's very talented in her writing and the communication with her was seamless. "

    D. Garcia's testimonial for Jo Nguyen Consulting

    D. Garcia

    "I chose Jo Nguyen Consulting because I believed (which they did!) that the services offered by Jo would help me develop better job search strategies. What I liked the most about Jo Nguyen Consulting was the mentorship provided by Jo. I enjoyed having Jo as my mentor because she was very knowledgeable, supporting, and friendly. Thank you Jo! I greatly appreciate and am grateful for all the knowledge that you have passed on to me regarding job searching strategies. I feel more empowered now and ready to apply to jobs after college."

    Renae Tate Designs testimonial for Jo Nguyen Consulting

    R. Tate

    "Jo always puts great dedication and detail into her work. I was super impressed with her delivery of my project and I'm excited to hopefully work with her in the future. Jo has a very strong work ethnic and well rounded experience in professional writing and communication. I appreciate your help in creating my resume!"

    Turnt Society founder L. Ma's testimonial for Jo Nguyen Consulting

    L. Ma

    "Jo is a very talented individual. She is very well spoken, professional, and fastidious. Her skills in writing never ceases to amaze me. Better yet, she gets work done fast, at an affordable rate. What more can you ask for?"

    G. Marquez's testimonial for Jo Nguyen Consulting

    G. Marquez

    "Jo Nguyen has always been the one to initiate group correspondence, explaining the task accurately & delegating roles throughout the team. Her cooperative leadership style enabled our group to feel comfortable working with each other, encouraging an early finish time, & desire to help each other even when it was not our task to do. In the end, Jo edited & 'scrubbed' our work to ensure fluidity & established a constant theme within our work!"

    N. Lira's testimonial for Jo Nguyen Consulting

    N. Lira

    "I'm so glad I chose Jo Nguyen Consulting to create my husband's resume. Jo was very professional, communication was great, & she asked a lot of questions and really wanted to get to know my husband. She was spot on in creating a resume that highlighted my husband's experience and strengths perfectly. The amount of time and effort she puts into her work really shows. I look forward to doing business with her in the near future."

    Brook Barba selfie

    B. Barba

    "Jo helped me with my resume, cover letter, and a job search toolkit. She is very professional and dedicated to her work and I was very impressed with the results. Within a few hours of using my new resume, I already received a call to schedule an interview! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is in need of consulting services."

    J. Brambila's testimonial for Jo Nguyen Consulting

    J. Brambila

    "So happy I came across Jo Nguyen Very organized. Her work is very professional and affordable I will recommend to my friends very happy with my new resume."

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