• Why Jo?

    Personal & Custom

    All of Jo's work is original, creative, & tailored to fit you + your needs. Your brand will shine through content that's genuine & relevant for your audience.

    Additional Advertisement

    On top of elevating your brand + company, working with Jo will also provide you with another platform to advertise your product(s)/service(s).

    Polished Presentation

    It's more than just written content—visuals matter too. Jo provides various packages and prices to meet your needs at a rate right for you.

  • Services

    Human Resources

    Original Résumé


    Work with me, & together, we'll create a stand-out résumé that highlights your top skills + bypasses ATS.

    Original Cover Letter


    Every résumé needs a complementing cover letter. Stand out from the crowd by going that extra step.

    LinkedIn Alignment


    Let's realign your LinkedIn profile to increase your presence & appearance in search results.

    Mock Interview


    Get extra practice + feedback on your current interview skills. All interviews are done over the phone.

    Original Bundle = Original Résumé + Original Cover Letter


    Start building your personal brand with a cohesive online presence through a digital portfolio.

  • Brand Management

    Website Design


    Grow your team ethically + efficiently by attracting like-minded candidates and hiring the best fit. Prices + features vary depending on the package.

    Advertisement Bundle


    Build your business on a strong foundation through careful planning of logistics + processes. Prices + features vary depending on the package.

    Advertisement Campaign Planning


    Unify your brand with clearly-defined elements + guidelines to keep your brand consistent. Prices + features vary depending on the package.

    Minimalist Graphic Design


    Think text-based graphics, like brochures, presentations, social media graphics, etc. Marketing campaigns & Canva templates are also available!

    Website Design


    Establish your online presence & build a community. Prices + features vary depending on the package.

  • Curating + Miscellaneous

    $50/500 words

    Writer's block is no joke. Get original & creative written content + appropriate presentation & aesthetics for $0.10/word.

    $40/500 words

    There's more to professional writing than just grammar. Let a second set of eyes review your writing & formatting to ensure flawless work for $0.08/word.


    Rest assured, there's no need to worry about deadlines when you ask for an expedited delivery date.


    Things change, & that's okay! Revisions & updates are seamlessly easy when you've done business together already.

  • Blended Bundles


    Get a redesigned résumé, cover letter, & LinkedIn profile to align your personal brand + strengthen your job search.

    Business Bundle


    Ready to be your own boss? Plan your foundation, develop a brand identity, & establish an online presence.


    Maximize your investment by building your own bundle. Mix & match any of the services; the more you bundle, the more you save.

  • How It Works


    Choose & Order

    Choose your desired service & fill out the Project Form* with as much detail as possible. *Filling out the Project Form does NOT confirm your order; no work begins until payment has been received in full, the Client Contract has been signed, & if applicable, all document(s) are received.


    Sign & Pay

    Once your project is processed, you'll be emailed a Client Contract, Invoice, & any other documents or forms needed to fulfill your order. Everything must be submitted before any work will begin.


    Review & Accept

    You will receive your final project by email. If your project includes any content creation, you have forty-eight (48) hours to request any changes or revision. After the forty-eight (48) hours, changes or revisions will incur additional fees.

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