• Why Jo?

    Personal & Custom

    All of Jo's work is original, creative, & tailored to fit you + your needs. Your brand will shine through content that's genuine & relevant for your audience.

    Additional Advertisement

    On top of elevating your brand + company, working with Jo will also provide you with another platform to advertise your product(s)/service(s).

    Polished Presentation

    It's more than just written content--visuals matter too. In addition to Word, Jo utilizes various software to create stunning deliverables.

  • Services

    Human Resources

    • Original Résumé: $30
    • Original Cover Letter: $30
    • Original Bundle: $50
    • LinkedIn Alignment: $25
    • Portfolio Design: $200+
    • Career Development Planning: $50+

    Brand Management

    • Social Media Marketing (15 posts per handle): $25
    • Minimalist Graphic Design: $50
    • Advertisement Campaign Planning: $50+
    • Website Design: $200+
    • Start-Up Business Package: $300+
    • Start-Up Advertisement Package: $100+

    Content Curating

    • Creation (writing) per 500 words (rounded up): $40 ($0.08/word)
    • Copyediting per 500 words (rounded up): $25 ($0.05/word)


    • Rush Delivery: $10+
    • Individual Brand Order Revision: $10+

    If you don't see what you're looking for, please still fill out the Order Form,
    & I will get back to you as soon as I can!

  • How it Works


    Choose & Order

    Choose your desired service & fill out the Order Form below in detail. Should you have any questions, please include them in your detailed description or email me at jo@jonguyen.com, but please do NOT place an order via email, as orders can only be processed through the Order Form. Please allow for forty-eight (48) hours for your order to be processed.


    Sign & Pay

    After your order has been processed, you will be emailed a Contract, Invoice, & any other documents or forms needed to create your order. Everything (Contract, Invoice, & documents if applicable) must be submitted within before any work will begin.


    Review & Accept

    You will receive your final order by email. If your order includes any content creation, you have forty-eight (48) hours to request any changes or revision. After the forty-eight (48) hours, changes or revisions will incur additional fees.

  • Order Form

  • FAQs

    Do you offer free consultations?

    Absolutely! I offer 30-minute consultations for all services. There are no strings attached--your payment information will not be collected, but you will be asked to fill out a Preliminary Questionnaire. Email me to set up a phone consultation, or click here.

    Do you offer discounts for military, seniors, &/or students?

    Yes! All military personnel, seniors, & students can receive 15% off their order. Verification may be requested at the Company's discretion. This discount can be used multiple times, but you must mention this discount prior to pay in order to receive 15% off; discounts cannot be applied after payment has been received. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, discounts, or sales.

    Do you have a referral program?

    Yes! For every client that you refer, they will receive 20% off their first order of $20 or more. In return, you will receive 50% off your next service! The client must provide your first & last name to redeem their discount, & you will receive the 50% off your next order (no substitutions). In addition, if you publicly (meaning that it should be visible from your page without having to be your friend) share my Facebook Page or website, you will get 20% off your next order. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, discounts, or sales.

    Do you have any special discounts for large projects?

    Yes! Please fill out the Order Form & explain as clearly as possible what you're looking for.

    Do you do any custom projects?

    Yes! Please fill out the Order Form & explain as clearly as possible what you're looking for.

    Do you charge any other fees besides the listed price?

    Yes; all orders are subject to a 5% service fee. This fee is calculated prior to any other offers, promotions, discounts, or sales, & cannot be removed or adjusted for any reason.

    How can I pay?

    Payments can be made via PayPal, credit/debit card, or cashier's check/money order. Please keep in mind that all orders must be paid in full before any work will begin, so if you choose to pay by cashier's check/money order (via mail), your order will not begin until the payment has been cleared.

    Are there any revisions included?

    Yes! For creation services, you have forty-eight (48) hours to review & request any revisions after delivery. After this time period, all products are final, & no changes will be made. For copyediting services, the price includes one complimentary revision session. This means that after you’ve reviewed the edits & made your changes, I’ll provide a complimentary copy edit of the revised version. For copyediting revision, the complimentary session

    What's the difference between copyediting & proofreading?

    The key difference between a copy editor & a proofreader is that copy editors have the ability to revise, or rewrite & edit, the project, if necessary. Copywriting looks at the project as a whole & considers organization, grammar, tone, etc. Proofreading focuses specifically on typographical errors, such as spelling. Grammar is also considered during the proofreading process, but it’s assumed that the project has already been thoroughly reviewed for structural errors.

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