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The Meaning Behind the Logo

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Last updated March 25, 2020

I'm the kind of person who puts thought into every detail, & coming up with a logo design was no different. Although I didn't personally create it, I did hire someone to translate my vision.

  • The deep red represents my favorite color & birthstone—garnet. Bright reds are more my thing, which is why there's an upward gradient. This upward gradient is also a constant reminder that as long as my faith stays strong, I know I'll always be solid.
  • The five-sided geometric shape represents my favorite number, & the house shape represents pure authenticity between myself & my brand. No matter where you work or who you work for, I still believe that each individual has their own brand, & each individual should always represent that.
  • Finally, the three layers of the geometric shape represents the multiple layers to me as a person & a professional. Everyone has a story, & there is a story behind everything. Although some things may not be as obvious as others, it is so important to me to treat everyone with kindness & respect because you do not know what may be going on behind closed doors or what they have endured.

Although I didn't ask for input from others about my logo, after revealing it to close friends & family, several people asked the same question: Why is your name in all lowercase letters? Well, the truth is because I just didn't care for the capital letters from the font. It was harder to read, so I opted for all lowercase.

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