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The Meaning Behind the Logo

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I'm the kind of person who puts thought into every detail, & coming up with a logo design was no different. Although I didn't personally create it, I did hire someone to translate my vision.

Originally, I just told the graphic designer that I want him to use his creativity. I told him that my favorite color is red, that I want a simple & minimalist design, & that I want my initials to be the "logo" & my name to be the "tagline." Well, since I didn't provide him with much information, the outcome was not what I envisioned at all--it was way too basic & didn't stand out at all. I began Googling minimalist logos & saw a few that I liked; I gathered small elements from various logos, put my own twist on it, & then asked the graphic designer to incorporate it. Here's what each little thing means:

  • The deep red represents my favorite color & my birthstone--garnet. Since I like bright reds more, there's an upward gradient. This upward gradient also represents my faith, & how life may weigh heavy on me at times, but as long as I give it up to God, I'll feel lighter
  • The five-sided geometric shape represents my favorite number, & it's in the shape of a house to represent me as my own brand. No matter where you work or who you work for, I still believe that each individual has their own brand, & each individual should always represent that.
  • Finally, the three layers of the geometric shape represents the multiple layers to me as a person & a professional. Everyone has a story, & there is a story behind everything. Although some things may not be as obvious as others, it is so important to me to treat everyone with kindness & respect because you do not know what may be going on behind closed doors or what they have endured.

Although I did't ask for input from others about my logo, after revealing it to close friends & family, several people asked the same question: Why is your name in all lowercase letters? Well, here's why:

  • Personally, I didn't like the capital letters from the font that I chose because it was hard to read. Although I could have chosen another font, I kept coming back to original one, which shows me that it was meant to be.
  • Also, during my research, I came across several sites that viewed lowercase logos as "chic" & "trendy" because it's technically not the norm (improper capitalization), which fits my personality. 
  • Finally, it is different & eye-catching, which I think is beneficial because it gets people talking, wondering, and exploring more about my personal brand and myself.
There are so many elements to my logo that may go unnoticed to others, & so many more minor details that weren't discussed; these are not because they aren't important, but because they are just simply me, & I don't know how to best put it in words. All I can say is that my logo is a true representation of myself, & I hope the remaining mysteries in my logo will allow you to interpret me in your own way.

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