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Secure Your Business ASAP

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Last updated March 25, 2020

Are you an entrepreneur with brilliant business ideas? Don't feel that you need a surplus of capital or think that it's too late to start doing what you've always dreamed of. Here are four things you should do get your brand defined & business started ASAP:

  1. Attain your business name. This might sound easy, but it's actually harder than you think. There are SO many factors that you need to consider when choosing your business name; I've listed a few tips on my Facebook page.
  2. Start creating your website. You don't need any coding skills to have a professional website; hosting companies now have builders that allow you to customize your site without needing to know how to codebut, be warned: there are a multitude of companies, so do plenty of research & choose the one that best suits your needs. If you're unsure about where to begin, reach out & we can discuss which platform would be best for you & your needs.
  3. Assemble your logo. Having your own symbol/mark distinguishes you from others, allows clients to easily identify you, & shows that you are serious about your brand. Again, you don't need any graphic design skills; you can hire a freelance graphic designer to do this for you. (Pssst: Check out my complimentary Logo Designer Checklist to help you find the perfect designer.)
  4. Protect your social media presence. Technology is a huuuge part of our lives nowadays, & with that includes social media. Even if you aren't planning on conducting business or advertising now, it's still critical that you secure your social media handles ASAP.

Although these four steps are things to secure your business + brand, remember that doing these things alone will not suffice. There are a few other things that you must do to legitimize & legalize your business—get more information here.

Jo Nguyen Consulting freebie on how to secure your business ASAP

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