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One-Month "Vacation"

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It's been a while--I am so sorry for that! I initially only planned to be away from work for two weeks to wrap up finals & enjoy graduation, but things never go as planned. Read below to find out what I have been doing the past month & what I have in store for you!

Class of 2018

I received my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from University of California, Riverside. I am technically a summer '18 graduate, but nonetheless a graduate. I also stuck to my four-year plan, which is a huge accomplishment--especially with how impacted (public) colleges are.

Preparing for Commencement day involved sleepless nights, last-minute trips to Michaels, & countless hours on Pinterest searching for cap decor ideas. I wanted to somehow incorporate my business, & the best way to do so was by using my logo. I switched out my colors for the school's colors, & then I added a Bible verse that I live by (fun fact: it's also tattooed on my ribcage!).

To be quite honest, commencement itself was boring. Waiting to walk across the stage took forever, & then when it was finally time to walk across the stage, it flew by so fast that I forgot to look at the camera & smile. Prior to Commencement, I was unsure of whether or not I would walk. I knew that it would be hot & I knew it would be long, but I also didn't want to regret not going. The day had a very rough start, but it was all worth it.

My graduation party was actually two weeks after graduation. At first, it was only supposed to be family (there's 16 of us). Last minute, it turned into a party of over 35 people. My family always prepares extra food anyway, so there was enough to go around for everyone. I created my own cake toppers (thanks to my aunt's Silhouette machine) & set up a DIY background for photographs by hanging pictures onto twin with baby clothespins. Everything turned out perfectly, & I'm so grateful for the friends who came by last-minute & the extra hard work my family put in to ensure all of the guests were comfortable.

College itself was one hell-of-an experience, but I wouldn't change anything about it. Living on my own has taught me so much about the real world; I definitely would never move back home unless it was seriously a necessity. Working (while going to school) has also opened my eyes to reality; I enjoy making my own money so much, & I'm so proud to say that I have earned everything in my possession. There's no doubt that special people in my life have helped me get to where I am today, but I also deserve credit for my dedication & drive.

Career Transition

Although I have been working for the same company the past two years, I always knew that the position was "temporary" because it doesn't really fit with my overall goals. I currently work as a Resident Service Assistant, which involves receptionist duties & clerical work. I've gained transferable office skills & invaluable communication skills, but I never planned on being here after graduation.

Throughout my senior year, I was passively job-searching. This meant that I would browse job boards & save the job, but I never followed through with the application. I would also attend networking events & actively build relationships, but that's about as far as it went.

At this point in time, there is not much more to tell. I will say that by the time I am finished with summer school, I will also be starting a new "real" job as a full-time employee for a large(r) company. I am excited to see what the future holds for me, & I am also super motivated to learn more about management & HR in the real world!

New Content

Although I have not been on the forefront of the business, rest assured that I haven't been sitting at home doing nothing either. There will be new content coming out every one to two weeks, & it will be on a variety of topics! I've spent a lot of time researching useful information & creating helpful graphics.

I can't wait for you to see what I have been creating! Thank you so much for being patient with me & giving me the time I need to put life back on track. I promise I won't take an unannounced break again.

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