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Congratulations to Hop, Skip, & Sniff for officially launching their new website! Hop, Skip, & Sniff makes all-natural, homemade, sniffer-approved snacks for all of your canine companions. All of their recipes use limited ingredients that are locally-sourced, farm-fresh, & free-range in Johnstown, PA.

Seneca, the owner & founder of Hop, Skip, & Sniff is a young entrepreneur whose love for her dogs' health blossomed into a fruitful business. Although she has no formal education in business, she is an open-minded sponge willing to learn as much as possible to ensure that her business stands out.

Don't stop reading just yet; in this blog post, you'll find simple tricks & things to consider regarding:

  • logo development
  • brand alignment & consistency
  • a special discount code for some savings

Logo Development

As an artist by heart, Seneca actually designed & drew both of her own logos! Her first logo has a watercolor look to it, while the second logo has a hand-drawn appeal. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, & that holds very true when it comes to logos. The idea behind a logo is to have an image that represents the brand & tells a story about the company. Both of Hop, Skip, & Sniff's logos match the vibe of the company, which is what all business owners should strive for when considering their logos.

Hop, Skip, & Sniff; Johnstown, PA; all-natural, homemade, sniffer-approved snacks for your canine companion

The logo above is the large logo that gets displayed on the website, on the business cards, & any other bigger graphics that have space for it. This logo has a watercolor appeal to it, which is very trendy right now. It's perfect for the brand because it includes Hop, Skip, & Sniff's theme colors, as well as the three leaders of the company. Large & detailed logos like this are best for medias that will be in color, in high-definition, & in large areas that will allow all of the minute details to shine.

Furthermore, the second logo below is much more simplistic because it's guaranteed to look good anywhere. It can be converted into a grey scale or black & white with no problems, it can easily be resized to fit anywhere big or small without losing key points, & it still represents the brand through. When in doubt, always choose the less-sophisticated logo.

Hop, Skip, & Sniff; Johnstown, PA; all-natural, homemade, sniffer-approved snacks for your canine companion

Brand Alignment & Consistency

We actually launched the website a month ago, but it was more of like a soft launch. She was preparing for an event in her hometown, so I worked extra hard to get everything lined up just in time for the event. I built the demo version of the website within seven days, but it was super easy because Seneca already knew what vision she had in mind.

I began building the website based off of Hop, Skip, & Sniff's logos. I incorporated the colors to show brand alignment, & then I played around with the fonts to match the ones in both logos. Since Seneca is an artist & drew her own logos, I knew that there would be no perfect match. Instead of trying to find the closest match, I looked for fonts that would complement her logo.

Seneca also took her own product photos with a DSLR camera. Using a high-quality camera instead of a smartphone provides the website a professional & friendly appeal. Although most smartphones have superior cameras now, the picture file itself is still not large enough to produce a clear image for a desktop viewers. I did advise her to create a simple "backdrop" or "background" for consistency of the photos, & it turned out awesome!

A Special Discount Code for Some Savings

Lastly, Seneca's birthday is coming up, so as a treat from her dogs to you, they're offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders! Just be sure to use the code "FSJ16" upon check-out to save on the shipping cost. Click on the picture below or click here to be automatically directed to the store.

Hop, Skip, & Sniff e-commerce store; all-natural, homemade, sniffer-approved snacks for your canine companion

Hop, Skip, & Sniff requires three to seven (3-7) business days to process orders, & then they're shipped via USPS's two-day priority shipping. Unfortunately, after orders have been placed, there will be no refunds or reimbursements if you forget to enter the coupon code.

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