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I Don't Play by the Rules

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Hello hello (: It's been quite some time since I've last written a post, but I'm back! These past few months have been wild⁠—the soul-fulfilling & exhilarating kind of wild. Instead of putting so much energy into pumping out content & ferociously marketing, I found it more important to nourish + realign my goals & vision for the future (in all aspects of life).

Old friends like, "What you been on?" Shit, I've been on my grind. 

I ain't usually home; focused, I ain't using phones.

- Nipsey Hussle

As you have probably figured, I. Don't. Play. By. The. Rules. That's not to say I'm a total badass (okay, maybe just a bit...), but when it comes to running a business, I don't play by any rules or follow trends (like opt-ins or sales funnels). Instead, I choose to own my time, I choose to be transparent as f~ck, & I choose to do whatever I want.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no cost to you (you could actually get free stuff), I might earn a commission/reward if you click through & make a purchase through their referral program.

Own Your Own Time

Remember when I said that this year was gonna be a BOOMIN' year for business? Well, I still mean it. 2019 started off so revolutionary; I converted new leads to clients, I launched a new (free) program, & I also automated a few of my processes to make it easier for my clients. I was going & going, riding the hustle wave like I planned, & then BAM. An unimaginable tragedy hit, & it rocked my whole world.

It was so incredibly devastating, but it taught me a few legendary lessons, & the biggest + most important one is: there would be no business without you, so you have to take care of yourself. Rather than allowing the pain to cripple me, I used it as motivation to keep hustling. I knew that I couldn't just brush my feelings off & pretend like they didn't exist, so I chose to take it as an opportunity to heal + realign myself.

Setting time aside to nourish your mind, your body, & your soul is NOT a selfish act; rather, it's a fruitful investment to yourself. It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive to be worth it. As long as you're truly taking care of yourself & you genuinely can feel contentment, you're doing it right. Once you've taken care of yourself, then it's time to brainstorm other strategies + methodologies to own your own time.

Most people begin taking back their time by introducing automation to their workflow. With the continuous improvement to technology, automation programs/software can make processes so much less time consuming for you + allow you to deliver so much quicker for your clients. While programs & software often come with a cost, a few recommended companies that have freemium plans include: Hubspot, Veryfi, HelloSign, JotForm,

Once you've built some capital & have the funds to begin another stream of income, consider both passive & residual income. Passive income is money that comes from repeating sales that don't require a lot of work or effort (like real estate), while residual income is money that comes in after a sale (like royalties).

Transparent as F~ck

If you ask anyone who knows me personally, they'll tell you that I'm hella blunt. Let's be real, everyone is busy, & there's just simply not enough time for bullshit. Hence, why I'm so transparent with my clients. Whether I'm talking to family/friends or to clients, I write + speak the same way. Sure, I might be more/less comfortable depending on who it is, but I don't change my views, ideas, input, etc.

People connect with those that are relatable because there's something to bond over. How can you be relatable if you're pretending to be something you're not? The trickery is so pointless—which is why you'll NEVER catch me participating in clickbait. Why should I have to trick you into clicking on one of my links? I don't want to be forceful; I want my clients to come on their own free will because they saw something that they could relate to.

On top of that, I also allow (potential) clients to text, message, email, call, etc. if they have any questions or want to talk through anything. Why does everything have to be so secretive? If someone wants to know what I would change on their résumé, I'm more than happy to give them a complimentary review with detailed information + advice. Sharing knowledge & information with others isn't a problem to me because I'm not afraid of competition. Healthy competition can lead to major positive outcomes for everyone involved (as long as there's no copying, there are no issues).

If you choose to be quite accessible, just be sure to set boundaries—put the device down when it's appropriate & don't allow (potential) clients to dictate how you spend your time. Social media can definitely blur the lines for your clients, so it's your responsibility to enforce the rules. It can get extremely exhausting if you're at everyone's beck & call; work smarter, not harder!

Do Whatever You Want

The most exciting part about being an entrepreneur is the fact that there are limitless possibilities. If something doesn't work, there are multiple workarounds; if something doesn't exist, there are ways to create it. I've never been a follower, & it's no different with my business.

In fact, I actively choose to go against the grain. The workforce is moving to a gig-focused model, meaning there are more & more individuals freelancing & contracting instead of becoming an employee. As this trend continues to grow, it's critical to ensure that your business will flourish in a field of followers. Hence, the importance of standing out + being different.

I don't partake in most of the current trends because I find them so incredibly annoying. Nothing's worse than visiting a website to find out more information, & within three seconds, you're bombarded with five different pop-ups asking for your first name & email.

Rather than sending daily emails that are unnecessarily long, I'd rather post daily tips + tricks in my private Facebook community for professionals to collaborate + support one another. I'm here to be helpful & useful, not to fill your inbox with exaggerated stories & links redirecting me to a sales funnel page.

While those tactics may have worked for others, it's not my style, & that's totally okay. I'd rather create my own lane & do things at my own pace. It's better to carefully think through each step, whether big or small, than to rush into something & possibly cause more damage than benefits. You don't have to play by everyone's rules, just the legal ones!

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