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  • Jo Nguyen Consulting was founded to help individual brands & small companies polish their image by creating written content that's concise, attractive, & clever. Whether you're attempting to develop your personal brand to meet career goals or you're seeking to grow your business, Jo Nguyen Consulting can assist you to reposition, elevate, & refine your image.


    There are a multitude of facets within brand management and human resources, but the one common factor is written content. The overall objective is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses establish & achieve a clear brand image that truly represents their beliefs & goals in a professional manner. Jo Nguyen Consulting strives to empower those who may have limited resources by providing them with timeless materials that can be used throughout all stages of their business lifecycle.

  • Jo Nguyen, PHRca

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by (:

    I find it really awkward to write about myself, but I know how important it is to find the best match for your needs + preferences, so if you have any further questions, please feel free reach out & we can connect (:

  • Work

    I began working at the age of 15, & I haven't looked back since. My first three jobs were for local businesses that had limited hours (to comply with the work permit laws). Coincidentally, all of those jobs were also mainly self-monitored. Those positions taught me the foundations of my work ethic, & they helped me quickly learn the do's & don't's of managing a healthy work-life balance.


    On top of running a full-scale solopreneurship, I recently graduated from University of Riverside, California with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (with an emphasis in Management & coursework in Human Resources) in 2018. Upon graduation, I immediately secured a full-time position; within 14 months, my work ethic was recognized & I received a promotion. Loving where you work is one major step in having a healthy work-life balance, lowering stress, & living a happier life. I'm proud to say that I absolutely love what I do as an employee & as my own boss!


    Although I'm a pretty open book, I find it extremely awkward to write about myself. Here goes nothing! Let's start with the basics: I'm a SoCal native, first-generation Vietnamese-American, & the oldest out of two children; my favorite color is red, my favorite number is five, & my favorite thing to eat (aside from Vietnamese food) is Mexican food; I'm a Capricorn, my brother & I were born in the same year (but we are not twins!!), & I have a Boston Pug (Boston Terrier + Pug) named Bentley King.


    Although I am not an athletic person by any means, my mom started a family tradition when I was about 10 to go skiing/snowboarding every winter. It has been a yearly tradition to visit Mammoth at least once during snow season, & I skied for four years, then I switched to snowboarding. I'm ecstatic to report that I have never broken any bones or injured myself either—just one “weakened” knee.

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